Fabric treatments & aftercare

The general rule for cleaning treated fabrics is to follow the instructions as issued by the fabric supplier, but certain factors have to be taken into consideration.

Back coated fabrics: Lightly sponging, insitu dry cleaning, but it is not recommended being sent to a dry cleaner or carrying out a wash cycle, even at 40c.

Non-durable treatments: Including curtains, bedspreads these are dry clean only, if wetted in any other way the fabric may require re-treating.

ACE treatments: Dry cleanable.



Soil and stain repellent Spills should be blotted, not rubbed to remove excess and then dry cleaned or cool washed according to fabric manufacturers instructions, care leaflet available on request.

Impregnations: utilizing our pad/mangle we can apply a full range of additional treatments to improve the fabrics performance during its use in clothing. A full range of fabric types and constructions can be treated.

Water proofing: we have 2 products to use. Nanosphere® we are one of only 2 licensed applicators of the advanced C6 Fluorocarbon, in the U.K. giving excellent performance even after washing or dry cleaning, resistant to abrasion, effective against oil based staining as well as water based. Ideal for Sports & Out-Door Clothing, it is affectively ‘self-cleaning’, stains just wash-off.

Works on Nylons to Silks, including Pan Aramids for Fire Fighters Uniforms, as an example.
There are Branding possibilities with the Nanosphere, please ask for details.

FFWP-ECO: this is another advanced Water Proofing, but water only, but this is a Fluorine Free compound, so ‘kinder’ to the environment. High water repellency, wash and abrasion durable, soft handle retained with fabric strength retention. Weakly cationic and causes no yellowing. Very wide range of fibres and fabrics are treatable, ideal for Out-Door Clothing and cloth based equipment. (There is some resistance by some Counties to the use of Fluorine based Repellents, this new compound offers a very good alternative.)

Soil & Stain: we offer a standard Fluorocarbon giving good water & oil based repellency, the protection not as good as the Nanosphere, but gives a good all-round performance. For high performance requirements we recommend the Nanosphere®.

Further general performance treatments; Anti-Wrinkle, Wicking, Abrasion Resistance, Soil Release (easy-care)

There are no order minimums for the general Soil & Stain, but minimums may apply for some of the other treatments - please ask us.

UV & Near IR Protection: Developed in the USA, this impregnation treatment, ‘shields’ the wearer from detection, by disrupting UV & IR reflection. Trailed by NATO, this can be applied to a range of fibres & blends, notable Cotton / Nylon Military Fatigues.