Treatment & Protection

Treatments which are specific to different types of materials and requirements.

Naturally self-cleaning

For: Water, oil, soil, & stain repellency

Nanosphere is:                       

  • Environmentally save (bluesign standard)
  • PFOS & PFOA free, with a new C6 flurocarbon technology
  • Permanent protection which isn't reduced by abrasion
  • Fully washable and dry cleanable
  • Suitable for a range of fibers and fabrics
  • Fabric breathability is not affected
  • Usable on both indoors and outfoor fabrics 'rain proof'
  • Oil, dirt and dust cannot adhere to the surface and can be rinsed off with water
  • Works against petrol, butanol, ethanol, diluted hydrochloric acid & sulphuric acid


The benefits

Water or thicker substances such as ketchup, honey, coffee or red wine run off. If they don't happen to run off on their own accord they can be easily rinsed off with a little water. Cleaning or washing he textiles is significantly easier too. Textiles require less frequent washing and can also be washed at lower temperatures.

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