Treatment & Protection

Treatments which are specific to different types of materials and requirements.

Treatment Method

Back-coating and Impregnation

Normal method used for upholstery

The FR chemicals are bound in a polymer, to which a regulated amount of air is added before being applied to the reverse of the fabric. The coating will vary according to the type of fabric and/or standard required. Crib 5 will require a heavier coating than for domestic. The fabric is dried through Stentor on a 'reel to reel' operation. This gives a white opaque look to the back of the fabric.

Back Coat Processing

Normal method used for curtaining, bedspreads,
walling and soil/stain

The compounds are water based. The fabric passes through the liquid and is then 'mangled' between two rubber rollers under pressure before passing through a Stentor for drying and curing. Some pile fabric may be affected by this method, but pre-testing will determine if this will happen. The treatment leaves no visible signs on cloth.

Wet Process Treatment

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