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REACH accreditation

Compliance with EC regulation (REACH)

Dated: 06/01/2015

Reach-Declaration for Essex Flame Proofing Ltd T/A Euroflam (Euroflam) Alan Eyers.

We, CTF2000 NV, guarantee Euroflam that all delivered products up to now are in compliance with the EC Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH).

Reach Compliance means that all substances contained in all delivered products up to now:

- Have been pre-registered and/or have been registered by our company
- And/or our suppliers, and/or
- Are excluded from the Regulation, and/or
- Exempted from registration

Hereby we also confirm there are no SVHC (intentionally) from the list published by ECHA dd 28/10/2008, 13/01/2010, 30/03/2010, 18/06/2010, 15/12/2010, 20/06/2011, 19/12/2011, 18/06/2012, 19/12/2012, 20/06/2013, 16/06/2014, 17/12/2014 in all delivered products up to now which we supply to Euroflam.

If we supply in the future a product to Euroflam which contains a SVHC, we will mention it (as legally obliged) on the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Kind regards,

Erwin Boenne

Quality, Environmental & Safety Manager CTF2000

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