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New NanoAce Process

NANO-ACE is an environmentally friendly FR chemical treatment which we have used for over 15 years.  We have now combined this with a high tech Nanosphere (Water, Oil and Stain repellent) for improved performance.  It is Dry Clean durable, but will also pass the 30-minute soak for Upholstery testing (BS 5651).  Suitable fabrics can, after treatment, reach the required BS standards for Domestic Upholstery, Contract Upholstery, Curtaining and Bedspreads, thus making this a multi-purpose treatment (all subject to independent testing).


N.B. Chenille or Pile fabrics may not be suitable for this process, as the pile may be ‘crushed’ during the treatment stage.  We would also like to advise that some fabrics with a high linen content, may also be affected by the NANO-ACE process, with a potential ‘shade’ change in the colour.

As with all treatments, we would strongly advise a trial being done, prior to production, to ensure that there are no adverse effects. Please note that we will need 2-3 metres of fabric for each trial.  When sending in trials please make sure that the fabric composition (fibre content and percentages) is clearly stated.  We do carry out in-house testing, but samples may also be sent to an independent UKAS test house.

Please note that it is essential, when sending in any orders, that it is clearly stated what FR treatment is required, along with all the relevant fabric information.


For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.